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Steve Leftridge: For our seventh of the films under consideration here at Double Take, our Big Randomizer landed on our first silent film. But the responses of the creative mind are unpredictable. There's no doubt Jackie Coogan became an overnight star with this one film.

Chaplin giving one of his most sensitive performances, is so convincing that it doesn't take away his screen persona as the lovable funny tramp. By the ending of Modern Times, "the film seems tailored to please the middle-class optimist.

The same hobo later bothers a farmer's daughter, and the Tramp comes to her aid with the help of the brick.

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Jackie Coogan The emotional element of the film reaches a peak of poignancy in the scenes where the social workers try to take the boy away to an orphanage. The film was only a partial talkie and is often called the last silent film. I wonder if I can get you to talk about that dream sequence at the end. No doubt the scandal was part of his motivation for rendering the character more sympathetic, more prone to sweetness than petty theft and violence. Failing this, he looked for actors and actresses who could and would faithfully and unquestioningly copy precisely what he showed them. Leftridge: I can point to some flaws that leave the overall vehicle feeling less than optimally balanced. He synthesizes that source of reckoning with his most frequent and recent earthbound punisher, the ubiquitous strolling policeman. But it comes right before the end and instead serves as a distraction from the main plot, a delaying tactic to put off the inevitable double reunion at the end. The Tramp was closely identified with the silent era, and was considered an international character. Despite a few silent scenes, including one where the barber is wearing the Tramp's coat and bowler hat and carrying his cane, the barber speaks throughout the film using Chaplin's own English accent , including the passionate plea for peace that has been widely interpreted as Chaplin speaking as himself. Chaplin and little Jackie billed Jack Coogan in the opening credits display their talents as both funny characters and dramatic actors. In later life, Jackie, once the most beautiful child in the world, achieved very different new fame as the nastiest of old men, Uncle Fester in TV series The Addams Family. My legs just need to stretch like this! His character does share much of The Tramp's character, notably his idealism and anger on seeing unfairness.

From tothe children's educational television series Sesame Street occasionally featured cast member Sonia Manzanowho played Maria, in character as the Tramp for some skits, often accompanied by fellow cast member Linda Bove either as a second Tramp or a supporting character, namely a pretty lady.

Chaplin in The character of the Tramp was originally created by accident while Chaplin was working at Mack Sennett 's Keystone Studioswhen dressing up for the short film Mabel's Strange Predicament starring Mabel Normand and Chaplin.

Little Jackie is especially cute as a miniature sized Chaplin, right down to his baggy pants. Five years pass.

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