The virgins memo carol ann duffy

Why are there "untranslateable [ What is implied by the line 'she lived on- Anon'?

The virgins memo carol ann duffy

His creative work appears to focus on the negative qualities in creation. Men never go on diets 8 Dieting 9 Some depressing dieting facts! At what point if any? How might Duffy be mocking modern women here? Why is "she" described as previously a "nurse, nanny,nun? Maybe it is too painful to think about pain and suffering when you have a baby. Criticism of stereotypical images Enjambment- lists used to show obsessions and their progression Criticises obsessive superficiality 16 Form and Structure Stanzas are very controlled shapes- what does this suggest? Duffy seems angry at modern women for chasing hedonistic pleasures rather than taking advantages of their ability to engage with language - a privilege that wasn't accessible to women throughout history What is being implied by the description of the "skull" clearing its throat, getting something "of its chest"? Do not consider the poem in isolation. D isolation when entering masculine cultures. Protagonist is history personified. Mary seems to be playing the role of women as the virgin and nurturing mother and and Jesus or God playing the role of men: creating the world and excluding women from participation. Religious overtones- forgiveness and deliverance are feminine qualities? Modern women are literally invisible but present. How might this be considered true?

They're not recording the female version of events so "her-story" remains unheard Duffy tells us that she had 'packed [ Is Duffy saying that prior performance and tradition is less important than people think A poetic manifesto check your notes 48 Elegies Duffy concludes the collection with a number of elegies.

The disruption and laughter can be read as an allegory for the rise of second wave feminism Why is it significant that Duffy herself went to this school?

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Consider: alliteration, assonance, rhyme, rhythm, metaphor Do the images suggest or symbolise anything? What support is there for people in this situation?

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Initially they are dismissive of the laughter and wish to control it. The Map-Woman needs to evolve and change shedding her skin but this is not totally successful. How might Duffy be mocking modern women here?

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What is Duffy saying about her writing and the writing of other women Irony of writing in black- is Duffy pointing us to what is NOT written about the relationship? It's significant because it shows that transcending patriarchal value systems gives women the eficacy to do what they want or engage with language.

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