Tribes in india

Kodava Tribes So, when you steer onto the Mysore — Madikeri Road from Mysoreyou are slowly heading to the abode of one of the distinct race in India, the Kodava tribes, known for their bravery since ages. Well, it is hard to distinguish them by their appearance — complexion and dress, still you are another traveller who will end up capturing their lifestyle.

Tribes in india

Moreover, these people are also passionate about hockey with both men and women playing the game. The 1st schedule to R.

With an obscure history they are still competing to get along with the modern trend. If you are travelling to Ootywhich is one of the popular hill stations in South Indiayou will come across several such Toda huts as well as people inhabiting the area.

tribal areas in india

Regional Distribution of Tribes in India India can be divided into seven zones on the basis of distribution and diversity of the tribal population which are given below: 1.

The Angami Nagas are known for the producer of bamboo work, cane furniture, beds, shawls and powerful machetes.

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The Indigenous Colour of India