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Later Jing Mei started to feel like her mother was just trying to make her into someone she was not and started to just fail and not try to do anything right hoping her mother would give up.

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Some states try their best to give equal rights to homosexuals so that they are respected as equally as everyone else. Cultures vary from throughout the world and throughout each family.

I look around but can't figure out where it's coming from. Instead of giving instruction of how to solve a family issue, the author chooses to write a narrative diary containing her true feeling toward events during her childhood, which offers reader not only a clear account, but insight on how the narrat When she looked herself in the mirror pg she saw just an ordinary face and began to cry.

These issues unfold in her stories about four Chinese mothers and their American raised daughters. She decides not to respond to her attempt of finding her prodigy after seeing her mother being disappointed with her poor performance at her piano recital Tan, There are only two types of friends in the benefactors.

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I put those in mothproof boxes. I wish I were dead. They have been the shoulder we can lean on when there was no one else to turn to. You could become rich. The conflict results in a rebellious independence. There was no exceptions for them. In some stories, they tend to be very static and stay the same. Her mother had only wanted her to do her best. A Chinese mother and daughter Ni Kan are at odds with each other in story. A mother tries to live her life through her daughter and her daughter rebels. She does not state what is right or wrong based strict on her opinion. She had come to America in after losing everything in china.

Even though Ni Kan doesn't regret the choices she made as a child she felt bad for how disrespectful towards her mother. You could buy a house with almost no money down.

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A Literary Analysis of Two Kinds by Amy Tan