Viral infectious disease hiv

Drink bottled water or use water filters.

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Learn how to handle food properly to avoid getting a foodborne illness. Receive vaccinations for potential OIs.

Human immunodeficiency virus facts

However, certain factors, including poor treatment adherence or the presence of other sexually transmitted infections STI may increase the risk of transmission. If you do have sex with someone who has HIV, it is important to practice safer sex and to be regularly tested for HIV. Tell your sexual partners if you have HIV. The risk of transmitting the virus to others is higher when the viral load is higher, in particular, in early infection when a person may not be aware they have HIV and late in untreated infection when the immune system is failing. Viral load measures the amount of HIV in your blood. Don't be afraid to discuss the disease. If your immune system weakens, the virus resurfaces — causing damage to your eyes, digestive tract, lungs or other organs. In people with darker skin, the lesions may look dark brown or black. Tuberculosis TB. Each has its own way of spreading to other people and needs its own treatment. Receive vaccinations for potential OIs. It can also lead to liver cancer.

This decreases the chance of engaging in unsafe behavior, such as sharing drug-use equipment and having unprotected sex, which can lead to these infections. It happens primarily in two ways: 1 when people inject drugs and share needles or other drug equipment and 2 when drugs impair judgment and people have unprotected sex with an infected partner.

If you use a needle to inject drugs, make sure it's sterile and don't share it.

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And limit your use of alcohol. Tuberculosis TB : The bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes this disease and can transfer in droplets if a person with an active form of the bacteria sneezes, coughs, or speaks.

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This medicine can lower the risk of getting HIV. HIV isn't spread through the air, water or insect bites.

Hiv-1 definition

Kaposi's sarcoma KS : Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus KSHV , also known as human herpesvirus 8 HHV-8 , causes a cancer that leads to the growth of abnormal blood vessels anywhere in the body. Learn how to handle food safely so you don't get a foodborne infection. By sharing needles. This means HIV is no longer a terminal illness and is now considered a chronic manageable health condition. If you live in the same household, have sexual contact with or share needles with a person with HBV, then you should be vaccinated to prevent transmission. Starting treatment Medical experts recommend that people begin treatment for HIV as soon as they know that they are infected. Use intravenous drugs. When HIV infection is advanced, either through treatment failure or in untreated infection, and has caused immune system destruction, secondary infections opportunistic infections can occur. Talk with your sex partner or partners about their sexual history as well as your own sexual history. The fewer CD4 T cells you have, the weaker your immune system becomes. It doesn't prevent other STIs, so you'll still need to practice safe sex. They can also refer you to substance use disorder treatment services and help you get tested for HIV and hepatitis. However, CMV retinitis is of particular concern in people with late-stage HIV, and it can infect the retina at the back of the eye, permanently removing sight. Medical professionals refer to these as opportunistic infections OIs.
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DrugFacts: Drug Use and Viral Infections (HIV, Hepatitis)