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Chipotle checks all the boxes for millennials; ethically farmed meats and veggies, vegetarian options, customizable but fast food with great advertising campaigns. Because mobile.

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Educational content. January 18, By Donna Moores So have you decided to use generational marketing as a new marketing approach? This generation still holds an appreciation for the classic snail mail.

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The authenticity and real-time nature of Periscope, Snapchat, and other video platforms appeal to Millennials. Content marketing Direct sales via phone call and emails Marketers have a lot of options to reach the Baby Boomers. Millennials are more likely to incorporate wearables into their everyday lives, not giving it a second thought.

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They love posting original photos and videos on the internet, especially on social media sites. Marketing to Millennials Who Are Millennials? You need to do extensive research to identify the influence purchasing decisions of each age group, and what media preferences they have, in order to profile each generation. Millennials are more likely to incorporate wearables into their everyday lives, not giving it a second thought. Targeted ads and relevant content will catch their attention. Content marketing. They all have different values and mindsets. User-generated content: Millennials prefer being involved in the creation process of their trusted products. In fact, they make the largest group of users on Facebook and Twitter. Gen Xers are now juggling child care, homeownership, and reaching the peak of their careers. Most Millennials thrive in Facebook and Twitter. According to Wikipedia , a generation is defined as "a cohort of people born within a similar span of time 15 years at the upper end who share a comparable age and life stage and who were shaped by a particular span of time events, trends and developments. This is especially true when it comes to marketing to different age groups.

When it comes to tech spending, boomers are the most liberal. Social media: As an integral part of every digital marketing campaign, this is the most common platform marketers use to reach the millennials.

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