Why cheer should be a sport

On the other hand, All-Star or competitive cheerleaders travel to compete against each other at cheerleading competitions.

They may do jumps or things to that sort, but they never do the risky things that the cheerleaders do. The dancing is also a cardio workout that engages many muscles.

Not because of any physical definition — as you can see cheerleading meets ALL of the athletic specifications. Dancing is in the Olympics in different forms.

is cheerleading a sport 2018

During the summer we may attend camps, work on conditioning our bodies, putting together our routines or learning cheers and chants. I also love knowing that if I choose to I too may have the opportunity to compete at the Olympics with the sport I have always and will always love.

While performing, it is critical and dangerous at certain points that they are scared and worried about going to fall on the ground.

If dancing is a sport, and they do less than cheerleaders, than shouldn't cheerleading be a sport as well? Women shouting "Give-me-an-A" and waving pom-poms this ain't. Cheerleading is a sport So IOC the International Olympic Committee was given provisional status to cheerleading to become an Olympic sport in the future.

But don't worry - one of the first things you are taught is how to fall and catch in the safest way possible.

Should cheerleading be considered a sport argumentative essay

This workshop was all about leadership, mainly how to become better leaders on our teams and in our communities. However, the cheerleaders have to go through rigorous training and practice all the time to perfect the routines displayed at games. All Star Federation organizes cheerleading competition within safety limits and dictates rules of conduct. In , three years after being granted provisional Olympic status by the IOC, cheerleading will be able to apply to become part of the full Olympic Games sports programme. Sideline cheerleaders cheer mainly at football and basketball games. In order to be considered to become a representative, I had to create a Healthy Kids Challenge and complete it with my team or community. Training In order to gain and maintain those athletic qualities, a competitive cheerleader must train as hard as any other athlete. Flexibility, an important aspect of many sport trainings, is also necessary in order to complete complicated tumbling. Time limit, mat size, score sheets… check, check, check! Collegiate-level cheerleaders report spending as much time practicing as their peers in other varsity sports. University of Kentucky cheerleader Maurice Grant, who also played football and ran track in high school, told the "Kentucky Kernel" "I think cheerleading is definitely a sport. Although both are different, both require hard work and dedication. Athletic ability is not the only thing necessary for something to be considered a sport; according to dictionary. I completed my project with my team, filmed it, and applied to become a representative. I know from personal experience as a base that it's a lot harder than it looks.

Closing Notes Link to Media There are many facts pointing to cheerleading being a sport. Sideline cheerleaders cheer mainly at football and basketball games.

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Reasons Why Cheerleading Is a Sport