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During his early age and after graduating from art school he experimented with different forms of urban art trying to find his style and in recent years his work has become primarily text-based, communicating through the use of various hand-painted elements, calligraphy and typography.

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On the other hand, a beautiful tapestry or stained glass window is regarded as mere ornamentalism, irrespective of the degree of artistic designwork and craftsmanship involved. We do that already, and it's a disaster.

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In the abstract style paintings of 21st century, anything can happen on the canvas. Like any other classical South Indian painting, Gods and scenes from Hindu mythologies found its place reserved in Mysore paintings. Use of rich colors, attention given to every minute detail and, most importantly, elegance, are some specialties of Tanjore paintings. Follow These Artists. Yet, the results are appealing and aesthetically satisfying. The truth is, "good" or "beautiful" art is practically indefinable. Summary Different cultures around the world have produced different types of art paintings.

I doubt it. A beautiful Tanjore painting Tanjore painting is perhaps the most important and old classical painting of south India. However, it is very important that beginning artists focus on developing their own style, and find their own unique way of expression.

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Explanation of all basic terms. In the abstract style paintings of 21st century, anything can happen on the canvas. Apart from exhibiting his work in galleries and abandoned and dilapidated spaces of urban landscapes Alexis Rero also erects his three-dimensional word sculptures made of wood in the natural environments of beautiful open fields and countryside. When it comes to modern times, there is only one prevailing style in Indian art painting. Somebody had to draw a line and it turned out to be the art critics who took up the responsibility. Allowing the free market to decide may sound reasonable, except that auction prices identify Damien Hirst as the best ever British artist, which sounds a bit dodgy. Dyes were used for giving color to the paintings. Prehistoric artists painted with lumpy pigment crayons and pads of moss, before upgrading to brushes made of vegetable fibre and animal hair. After moving to Barcelona several years ago RIPO began working on canvas, paper, found materials and with sculpture. Now, artists have much more freedom to work as they choose. You would even find Indian rock paintings dating back to as early as BC. Last year, I visited a Graduate Show staged by one of Ireland's top art colleges.

But, Cubism was a strong presence in the art world even before abstract painting became prevalent. You would find paintings illustrating events from great Indian epics, landscapes and human life.

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So to recap: arts are beautiful useless things that elevate the senses - example, the Mona Lisa; whereas crafts prettify functional objects - example, a tea cup with a handpainted design.

Artworks that have certain features in common are considered to have the same style.

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An Introduction to Different Types of Art Painting Styles