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The protagonist finds their education in the disappointment of the new world, and this allows them to successfully mature and gain their distinct identity.

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A Bildungsroman is a coming of age story that emphases the psychological, spiritual and moral changes that the protagonist endures as they transition from an innocent youth to a mature adult.

At his new boarding school he writes heretical essays and becomes disillusioned with God.

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The Bildungsroman Project : A student-created hub on the subject of Bildungsroman that collects literary examples, cultural contexts, and personal narratives. Another key event that may set the protagonist off on his journey will be an emotional loss, as often death or another tragedy ends up initiating the protagonist on his journey of self-discovery. I found a really interesting PowerPoint presentation on coming of age stories written by Patty Payette from the University of Louisville. Salinger Though The Catcher in the Rye begins in the protagonist's adolescence rather than his childhood , the novel is still a Bildungsroman, as its protagonist Holden Caulfield details his journey to maturity. Since the nineteenth century, authors have riffed on the form—which is inherently wandering and picaresque—using it to tell the stories of characters from various backgrounds. Rochester, whose wife died in the fire. As a result, we can identify ourselves with the coming-of-age characters, and feel emotionally attached and interested as we see them pass different stages of their lives, until they finally change for the good. Show the difference between the two characters using key details — what are the specific attributes that define the adult character and make her different from the child? As he gets older, and his intellect grows, so does Stephen's religious fascination and sexual frustration. As a young woman she shows less emotion looking back at her past. He comes into money for his academic performance but grows more alienated from his family than ever after the money is gone. Several stories have been mentioned already, but here are a few more examples. What does this involve for the protagonist? Franco Moretti "argues that the main conflict in the Bildungsroman is the myth of modernity with its overvaluation of youth and progress as it clashes with the static teleological vision of happiness and reconciliation found in the endings of Goethe 's Wilhelm Meister and even Jane Austen 's Pride and Prejudice ".

His wife is Mrs. The specifics here will depend somewhat on genre: in a fantasy story, it might be an epic quest or adventure; in historical fiction it might be an experience of war, famine, or revolution; and so on.

As you read a Bildungsroman Novel, have students keep track of the different elements of Bildungsroman literature and incorporate them into a sample template, like the one below. The story commences with an emotional loss, conflict or breaking point that thrusts the innocent protagonist on their journey of self-discovery.

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Formative Experiences: Divisive issues of politics and religion force Stephen to begin thinking deeply about God, death, and ethical matters, and he steps in when a cruel priest flogs a boy at his boarding school. In adolescence, it's clear that Stephen is more sensitive than the other boys.

Stage 3: Maturity Maturity is not easily won; it is a long and arduous process, with many mistakes, tests, and internal obstacles that the character must face in order to finally gain maturity. Your reader should be able to step into the shoes of your protagonist in order for them to gain the maximum value from your novel.

Finally, he or she accepts those values, and they are accepted by society, ending the dissatisfaction. The transition from childhood to adulthood is a hard transition to make, and this is reflected in fiction, whether the journey be physical or spiritual.

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Bildungsroman Definition & Examples